Learn How to Get More Patients to your Private Practice Without Spending a Lot of Money Hiring an Agency

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Our goal is to help you get more patients to your practice

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Your Mission

Are you a Doctor or Healthcare professional in private practice and have trouble filling your calendar consistently each week? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to train yourself or someone on your team -in just 4 weeks- to set up and maintain the 4 key marketing tools that you need to drive more patients every single month.

Effective Marketing to Get More Patients

The program is aimed at healththcare professionals in private practice and their teams. Also recent MD graduates and residents.

Renzo de Almeida — Creator

Renzo de Almeida is a Marketer that helps doctors and healthcare providers grow their medical practice in a sustainable manner. He advises healthcare professionals on how to attract and retain new patients. Former Corporate Marketing Manager with the number 1 healthcare network in Peru with 10 clinics nationwide, 3 of them accredited by JCI – Joint Commission International. His previous experience includes international companies such as The Coca-Cola Company and SABMiller. Renzo has also been a Business teacher at Universidad de Lima, one of the top universities in Peru. He holds an MBA from Hult International Business School in Boston-USA.

When I was working as a Corporate Marketing Manager at the number one Healthcare network in Peru with 10 hospitals (3 of them accredited by Joint Commission International), Dental Center and Physiotherapy Center – I realized that Healthcare professionals were really good at their job of taking care of patients but when it came to consider business concepts such as Marketing and Consumer (Patient) Experience, it was not easy for them to embrace these topics, though the primary need was to implement effective marketing to get more patients. Therefore, I created and implemented a marketing strategy with the most effective content and tools to fill their practices with patients. The results were incredible! In some cases they were able to increase their patient load by 50%.

After speaking with industry experts in USA, UK and Australia, I realized that many healthcare professionals in other markets had similar needs. So I decided to create a course to help Doctors and Healthcare professionals in private practice, understand Marketing concepts and the use of key tools to attract more patients. The training can be implemented by themselves or someone on their team. Also it is a guidance to develop the right criteria to outsource this responsibility when needed.

Training Benefits

Nurture your Medical Know-How Online

Learn simple and effective methods to connect with people in need of your services online.

Stand Out from the Medical Crowd

Learn how to help potential patients see how your practice is uniquely suited to their needs.

Enrolling Patients

The exact process to move people from "aware of your services" to booked on your schedule, getting great results as your patient.

Keep Growing your Practice

Implement the top 2 practices to continue enrolling patients who are raving fans.

Create an Asset

There is no time like now to enhance your medical practice online. Research shows that 81% of Americans are searching for health-related information online. And 1 out of 5 are active weekly!  Learn how to boost your online presence in just 4 weeks and create an asset for only $497 $997